Marijke van Himbergen

Digital Designer & Illustrator


Designer looking for work! Looking for a job in (digital) design. I'd love to illustrate a bit too.

What can I do?

The stuff I can do for you as a designer! Besides those I'm pretty okay in beating people at Mario Kart.

  • Digital Design
  • Illustration
  • Infographics
  • UX/UI
  • Gamification
  • Print


Some of the projects I worked on Most of these were projects I worked on at Liftov with a team of kickass developers and concepters.

NJI (liftov)

“Creating an app that helps kids (with a migration background) with the age of 2–3 to improve their speech”

This is a project I did at Liftov. There was already a prototype version that was used for testing when I started working there. But that one needed some UX/UI changes and new levels. Levels that had to be illustrated and tell a story. So I had to create some new worlds in the style of the previous designer and bring it to life with the current Liftov developers.

Illustration, Storytelling, Character Design, UX/UI design

Leesturbo (liftov)

“We want an app that helps children (age 4–6) with reading issues to improve their reading skills.”

This is a game I worked on at Liftov. The existing prototype needed a redesign, a story, some changes concerning the game mechanics and some concept tweaking.

Design, Illustration, Concept, Character Design, UX/UI design

Cardgame (liftov)

“For our summerschool we need new and gamified workshops. And we need it next month..”

This is a project I did at Liftov for EY, it was a method for the summerschool workshops. Both digital and physical. It had to be done fast and they had tons of content. But in the end it was a big yellow succes!

Design, Illustration, DTP, UX/UI design
If you want to see more of my portfolio, please send me a message!

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Want to hear more about my work? Please get in touch! Currently I'm looking for a new job or some kickass projects to work on.